An augmented reality scavenger hunt that can be played anywhere in the world. In this mobile app, users venture on a mission to capture AR-rendered bananas scattered among their real-world surroundings


YEAR:  2018

COLLABORATORS:  Andrew Wong, Valerie Pilossof, and Marshall Zobel

CATEGORY:  AR, 3D, Mobile Development, Full-stack Development, Creative Coding, Game Development

TOOLS:  JavaScript, React-Native, Redux, three.js, Expo, ARKit, Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, Sketch

ROLE:  Developer/UX Designer – UI/UX prototyping using Sketch; Developed the AR experience, “random game” mode and the “creating custom game” feature.  

LINK:  GitHub




“Banana Hunt” Demo



With quick play, users will see bananas randomly scattered within a radius around them. Once they are within reach of a banana, they can capture it and continue on until all are collected.
Users can also create their own map. The app will pin the starting location and the user can then begin dropping bananas along their trail! The map can be saved and accessed later, allowing users to share maps with others, or tailor maps to a specific location like a park or museum.









Our app also includes tutorials to get you started, as well as a global leaderboard. Banana Hunt empowers users to play with AR, explore their surroundings, and let them share their creations and experiences with the rest of the world





UX Design in Sketch

UX Design in Sketch