A four-channel interactive performative installation incorporating gestural control of sound and images. Four speakers are installed individually on the wall with separate video streams projected over the surfaces and a set of metal strings attached to each speaker. The conductive strings allow the body capacitance to trigger the alternation of sound and images.

YEAR:  2013

COLLABORATORS:  In collaboration with Harvestworks International Art Collective.

CATEGORY:  Interactive Installation, Physical Computing, Creative Coding

TOOLS:  Arduino, Electronics, Max/Msp

ROLE:  Installation Design, Electronics building with capacitive sensors, Arduino and Max/Msp programming.




Through binding the source of the visual and the sound to a single object, the humanized speaker looks like a part of a humanoid. Great resemblance in appearance along with intimate interactions likely breeds empathy and emotional attachment. The audience are thus engaged in a conversation between reality and virtuality.



Exhibition at Harvestworks, New York, NY, October 2013





MERAKI was premiered at Harvestworks, New York NY, October 20, 2013.



Exhibited at World Maker Faire New York, New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY, September 20-21, 2014 with Harvestworks International Art Collective.