An algorithmic sound poetry piece. As the letters collide with the prism, the prism continuously generates verses, constructing a visual poem that is recited by synthetic voices in different languages.

YEAR:  2016


CATEGORY:  Web Application, Creative Coding, Generative Art, Sound

TOOLS:  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, P5.js, Processing, Web Speech API

CURATOR:  Hans Tammen

LINK:  Live Preview (optimized for Chrome browser)




(This video captures a few minutes of the real-time generative process.)



The voice is synthesized using Web Speech API based on the words generated through each collision between a single letter and the edge of the prism.







Prism Zero was premiered at “Rakete bee bee? Rakete bee zee! A Monster Celebration Of Dada’s 100th Anniversary” at Spectrum, New York NY, February 12, 2016.

Curated by Hans Tammen.