Tegna News App

A large-scale news app developed for Tegna Inc. that features latest breaking news, interactive weather and radar, live video newscasts, and location based personalized content. 

YEAR:  2019

COMPANY:  Code and Theory

CATEGORY:  Mobile Development

TOOLS:  React Native, Expo, Redux, TypeScript, JW Player, Google Analytics

ROLE:  Responsible for modules including the entire “Welcome Tutorial” screens and Google Analytics tracking; most of the “Settings” and video related components; some of the articles and weather components; and various other parts of the app through bug fixing.





One single codebase is used to generate multiple apps for different local stations based on different configurations. Currently 30+ local news apps are generated and lunched in the app store.

The basic stack is React Native + Redux + TypeScript for UI, Google Analytics for tracking, JW player for video components. Data is acquired through API calls to a separated backend server.




Live demo of the news app